One frequency…

we all part of the Universe as a leg is part of the body

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Universal Frequency

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Celebrate Your Self

Celebrate your self.

Honor the self,

And delight in expressing your talents and your gifts.


It is through the happy sharing of your treasures that

you show other people that they are treasured.

Always, always remember that.

On Religion

Religion or Spirituality?

No I don't.

I considered my self spiritual, meaning I believed in God but lost my trust in the religious establishment. Religion was made by men to keep tag and to manipulated the masses

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I wish I could be a kid for ever, but some of us need to grow faster. sometime a lock of adult supervision or economic situation make us grown and take on responsible that are to grown up for a child, ask those kids in a 3rd world countries

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Rambling of a Wild Woman

It isn’t easy for anyone to transcend the past, or pain we have suffered. Yet, there are gifts in those pains, and we can choose to let light into the dark places. We are no alone.

I’m not eccentric,its just that I am more alive than must people, I am nothing but an electric ell set in a pond of gold fish. I have stop myself from being to loud, to different to much and yet I crave my individuality and wild adventure self and be seen for who I am ME.



If your stomach is upset due to overeating, gassy foods or a weak digestion yerba buena, may be just the thing you need. This member of the mint family was given the Spanish name meaning “good herb” for a reason. It has numerous medicinal applications due to its ability to counteracting harmful microbes, cancer, spasm and vomiting. Most mints are very gentle, but consult your doctor before using any herbs.

Native to North America, this spearmint flavored plant grows abundantly in wild areas in American Northwest. Yerba buena is easy to cultivate and grows in a variety of soils with a wide range of precipitation.

Add it to your landscape as a sweet-smelling low-maintenance ground cover and use the fresh or dried leaves to heal aches and pains of the joints, muscles and stomach.


The Perfect Imperfect

I hear many people saying “I’m a perfectionist” I say “Good luck with that” cause perfectionism is the enemy of creation. nothing stops the forward march of any creative endeavor like the need to do it absolutely perfectly. And who is to judge what is ‘perfect’ anyway? What I have judged full of flaws so many others have called terrific. Maybe the definition of Perfection is something that actually gets done.